If you, the article writer, simply read the highlights I made within the many brilliant commentators to your article, you might become a journalist again.

Here is something that will make you an innovator in your career, tell your boss that a journalist should also act like a private investigator and really observe.

For Covid-19 I’ll help you know how to get started on your new better journalist career. Please just investigate these:

  1. How are the numbers reported to John’s Hopkins, CDC, WHO or whoever is the count owner? What are the actual reporting mechanisms? Ask those at hospitals who do the reporting what they think about it.
  2. How reliable are the tests used to detect the virus? Are there different tests? Ask those at hospitals who do the reporting what they think about the tests.

Talk to researchers at UNC Chapel-Hill about what they do there and tell us what questions you asked and what the answers were.

Stop treating us all like dummies. If I am wrong about my ideas that you simply label as “Conspiracy Theory” to blow me off, I will admit it and change my mind. And by the way, I’d also be relieved that such dark plans are not true! But if I can’t get answers to disprove my ideas should I just throw them out? I have seen some pretty nefarious things in the history of this world and as an example I bet some people thought concentration camps where just hearsay, conspiracy theory nonsense as well until they were found, too late!

Biological entity full of love.